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Oversoul (Beta) Review

… Oversoul. Where the living hell should I start with you…?

Hello my name is Tomcat435, or in Oversoul’s case; Tomcat, and today I’m going to review another AE game; Oversoul.

Oversoul… Oversoul… Oversoul… *sigh* Where should I begin with this game? I’ll be honest; I have no clue. I know that’s no real way to start off a review, but it’s truly how I feel. Alright; Let’s start with some Pro’s of the game;

Art Direction is fantastic. I know it’s the classic AQWorlds style, and that AQWorlds has evolved drastically in terms of art style, but I dun give none, to me; Mi- Nulgath’s way of designing stuff, the way he shades, the way he makes it SCREAMS Nulgath and that’s one reason I love Oversoul: it feels so classic to me…… it makes me happy inside for all you assholes that just didn’t give a dam, NEXT POINT!

The music, sound effects, they’re great. Klunk and Dilligaf did an amazing job on the pieces and I truly think their talent should stretch over to other AE games in the future. 

The content in the game, while for a number of weeks have been just character releases, the quantity of characters is vast and very open for everyone to choose a different character that they can get used to at least one character.

Finally, Card Customization. The long awaited feature that EVERYONE has waited for. To me, this is a brilliant feature and should be more open in the future, offering more packs, which I’m glad they introduced in the end.

… Now for the cons. Now off the top of my head, there are a few Cons I can think of and I will address them in this review. So with that said; let’s get started;

First off; Soul Gems. One of the most controversial micro-currencies in all of AE. Going by AE’s way of putting this, 1 Soul Gem is the equivalent of 50 AC’s. This has caused so much confliction in the AE community, demanding to know if AE is being fair with the pricing of Oversoul Characters and Evolutions and everything else Soul Gems grant you. Soul Gems in Oversoul, to me anyway, is considered the Membership status of the game and while I’m OK with this, I’m not OK with the amount of things that basically require Soul Gems. 1 Pack in the Card Customization is 4 Soul Gems, that’s 200 AC’s, which to me is reasonable, but when you open a pack and it’s nothing of value what-so-ever, you feel ripped off.

But to me, the biggest offender to Soul Gems are the purchasable characters. On average; 1 character in the shop costs 4 - 12 Soul Gems. So; Let’s do the math: 4 x 50 = 200, 8 x 50 = 400, 12  x 50 = 600, which to me is, is fairly reasonable. But, the amount of stuff that is Soul Gems; Characters, Card packs, Capturing Characters if you wanna avoid pointless grinding, Leveling up certain characters, the game REALLY encourages the players to buy Soul Gems. But the biggest problem, to me, I bought the 250 Soul Gem package to get Black Dragon and Void Reaper, but since then, I have NEVER even CONSIDERED buying another package. I WANT to support Oversoul, I really do, but honestly, I don’t want to buy anymore Soul Gems.

The rest of the problems are all mentioned above; To me the leveling up stuff is… Eeehhhhh…

Leveling up characters, while a challenge, is VERY long and VERY tedious. To me; If you don’t have X-Boost Lifetime, which costs MORE Soul Gems…!, leveling up will take you FOOOOREEEVEEEEER… To this day, I still don’t have a level 20 character because I find to way to tedious and way to boring to actually level up anymore… If I level up, it’s because I’m REALLY bored and just went on for no reason at all, which, to me, isn’t worth it. And if there’s a character out there, and I know there is, that costs 2 sets of Soul Gems… What, making us pay for 1 evolution wasn’t enough?

The last thing I wanna talk about is currency. Issue is they expect us to be able to farm 15,000 gold for ONE pack at the Card Customization, or 100,000 Gold for Klunks special Character, or the Trolls special character, or even the newb version of the Overfiend Blade of Nulgath. So what’s the issue? On average, how long would it normally take you to grind enough characters/monsters until you have 15k, 100k, etc., this is incredibly tedious. I have only even gotten 50k, ever since the release of Oversoul. That may be lazyness, but honestly, I find it so dam tedious and I honestly can’t be bothered to do it! 

… Oversoul to me was over-hyped. Oversoul was supposed to be one of AE’s Golden Eggs. Do I personally think it meet those standards? … No. Oversoul is suffering, it has a fan-base keeping it alive, but honestly: How long will this last? I feel Oversoul has promised too much and it simply couldn’t deliver on most occassions, look at how long it took Card Customization to come out since it’s release, and the Grand Quest, that was promised. That’s still coming… But when, exactly?

I feel as though I’ve said everything that needs to be said. Thanks everyone for reading this, I’d love to hear your opinions on this too. 

Have an awesome classy week ladies and gents! 

Tomcat435 (AKA: Tom)

AQWorlds: How a Player Suggestion Merge Shop would work

The title says it all and I’m super freaking bored.

Hello everyone my name is Tomcat435 and today I wanna talk to you and hopefully try get some people to approve of this idea I got for AQWorlds: Player Suggestion Merge Shop.

"Why would anyone possible suggest anything to this merge shop? What makes it different from a normal merge shop?" Good questions.

My answer for why… Lemme try explain it as best I can. A month back, I created a set of weapons that I stated were in phases. Originally, I was going to suggest said weapons as, well, normal weapons. But then I changed it so that these weapons were floating pets. But, I didn’t want someone just randomly buying the weapon, no no no, that’s just boring. I wanted to make it so;

A) Players had something to farm for in the suggestion shop and

B) My weapon was to evolve in phases, meaning it would go from phase 1 to phase 2 to phase 3, all while meeting certain requirements. But I couldn’t think of a more suitable way of doing that, besides a merge shop. So, lemme write an example;


To obtain the phase 1 weapon, you would need… Default Sword + 5 Dragon Scales + Slimy Staff and buy it for 1000 Gold.

To obtain the phase 2 weapon, you would need the phase 1 weapon + 7 Dragon Scales + Tasty Cookie + 10,000 Gold.

To obtain the phase 3 weapon, you would need the phase 2 weapon + 10 Dragon Scales + Tasty Cookie +… Random item here + 50,000 Gold.

As for what makes it different from other merge shops… It’s the communities weapons we’re farming for, not some already made weapons by the wonderful Devs of the AQW team. Seriously, I feel as though AQW it missing an opportunity by passing this idea up.

Granted, I can understand if the staff members would say “It’s more effort than its really worth, the suggestion shop let’s us throw it into a shop, no problem” … Don’t you guys want to spice it up a little? Besides, we’ve filled one shop up already. I personally think this shop should be opened for the creative guys and gals out there that want to make their weapons/pets/armors evolve over time.

I know for a fact there is going to be at least ONE person out there saying; “Why the hell should we WORK for peoples suggestions?! It’s not fair!” Well, I don’t know about you guys, but I’ve heard PLENTY of people complain there just isn’t enough to do in the releases, once they’ve obtained the weapons/armors whatever from the main boss or whatever’s in the release, so I want to extend what people are looking for. Granted, I’m not one of those people, I just wanna expand people’s creativity further!

That’s it really, that’s all I want to suggest. I really do hope you all think about this idea and take it into consideration, I’d really like some opinions on it. :)

I wanna thank you all for reading, I’m Tomcat435 and I’ll see you guys and gals next time. ;)

AQWorlds Review

Alright, this was seen coming from MILES away: An AQWorlds review. Yeah what’s really the point, but, I feel as though there’s things that need to be said and things that needs to be praised. So, my name is Tomcat435 and let’s get this started.

Ah AdventureQuest Worlds… You can never seem to leave my life, it’s been a major part of my life; helping me make friends, helping me find a creative side and even helped me find what I want to do with my life; become a games developer. Every week, I log in like 5 - 20 times a week. Yeah. That much. It’s bad, but I really don’t care what people’s opinions of me are at this point, just as long as they’re not that harsh… :( I’m sensitive… :’c *ahem*

We all know how AQWorlds works; Click on the ground, run around, fight monsters, get awesome looking gear, buy membership, access membership perks, have fun talking to random strangers in Yulgar/Battleon, enter contests, farm Dage, farm Nulgath, etc etc. 

With a release every Friday night (in UK anway), there’s something new to look forward to in terms of items, armors, pets and possible even classes. Each release finds there way into the hearts of the players, hell, my favorite release ever is most likely the the Chiral Valley release, back in ‘09. Sure, you may be thinking “Of all the releases, you pick that one?”, but honestly, we’ve all got a right to an opinion. 

HOWEVER… There are some things in AQWorlds that just baffle some people, maybe regarding the sudden increase in expensive AC items, or sudden increase in membership items in shops, maybe even the release itself was just plain… bad. To my knowledge, I have only ever find some AQWorlds releases questionable, none of which immediately come to mind, but they can quickly become major factors in the main storyline or people just tend to forget about the release in general.

I know a number of people out there that just don’t want to play AQWorlds anymore because of some reason regarding the amount of AC items in releases, or how a majority of features now require you to become a member. Don’t get me wrong, AQWorlds is probably my favorite game of all time, I’ll definitely remember it for the rest of my days… But there’s some parts I just simply gotta agree on:

1) The AC items; If there’s one thing I can agree with, it’s this one. For some odd reason, AQWorlds took a sudden increase in AC items, but the reason given was “People found AC items more easily obtained, free storage, etc”, but, something tells me deep down inside that isn’t the real reason. I’m not accusing anyone of being a liar, by any means. It just doesn’t seem fair though, people can’t afford to spend money every week for AC’s, even if they still have the AC’s from weeks or months before. Fact of the matter is; There is one person out there, who wants that one armor or weapon in the new release, but already got their share of AC items in the previous week and simple cannot get the item they’re looking at. Sorry AQWorlds, but it really needs to stop…

2) Membership; I’m a member. I love the perks I get because of it, hell I devoted a lot of money I had previously to getting more and more membership as days went by, it felt great. But what about the little guy? What little guy? That little guy over there, the one with no membership and hardly anything to achieve in AQWorlds without straining himself too hard to get what he likes, where he misses out on awesome member only features, you know that guy. That’s right, I’m also reaching out to the non-member guys and gals out there. I’ve heard on a number of occasions that non-members feel left out of the whole membership experience and that they simple can’t get it because they either can’t afford to get the membership or they’re simply too young and their parents won’t allow them. I personally think non-members should get a bit more love when it comes to emotes, more availability in shops and such like that. Just an opinion.

3) Events; I’m not gonna lie, some of the past events in AQWorlds have been incredibly… lacking, I guess is the right term. Look at Dwarfhold for example. That was a amazing release. I loved EVERY second of doing that entire part of the 13 lords of chaos storyline. However, I’m struggling to cling on to the more recent storyline chaos lords, like, sadly, Lionfang. I’m not sure, the Dwarfhold portion of the storyline to me felt more fleshed out and involved the character more, also mini-games in events, what happened to those? Sadly, this holds true to a few of the recent events, not offering any kind of value to go back and earn any rewards from it. Sorry, but there’s just not enough interactivity in the events as of late (mini-games) to really keep me liking them.

4) Black Artix and Sepulchure Figures from Heromart; OK, this one is just a nit-pick but it needs to be said; $50 for a recolour…? Really…? Really……? Where the normal figures are $25 a piece and the recolours are $50 each? *ahem, inhales deeply* WHAT ON EARTH!?!?!? I’m sorry, but this is just a rip-off beyond compare, like seriously!!! I can understand if it came with MORE stuff, but it’s just the figure, the cards, the accessory and a recolour! My lord!!! I’m content with buying the normal figures for $25 a piece, but no way am I paying $25 more for a recolour. Please. Fix this. It’s just BAD. Bad, bad, BAD for business…

Alright, I feel as though I’ve said what I think needs to be said (and I apologize for the small rant at the end there), about AQWorlds’ bad portion, but there are quite a few things I can talk about for AQWorlds’ praised side…;

The storyline, the customization, the open ended gameplay, the sense of relief and rewards from Nulgath/Dage farming (Yeah, I said it), the community, how open AQW devs are to suggestions to improve, how AE get’s the players involved in doing things, how amazingly creative the community can be! It’s all there! Look at how many players this game has acquired over the span of 4 years…! My lord! It’s safe to say, I don’t think AE is any longer an indie games company anymore, especially with the nice staff they have. Those things in BOLD right there, they make an amazing game and I feel AQWorlds has nailed it. 

You can say I’m kissing up to AE, you can say whatever the hell you like. But this game is a major part of my life. I will never forget it for what it has done for me. It’s set me on the road to becoming a games developer. It’s helped me find the creativity I have now. It has helped me make so many awesome friends along the way. And I don’t want my time to end playing AE. Never. 

I believe I have said everything I feel needs to be said. I’d like to thank you, for those who read it, or for those who are still reading, haha! Thank you AE for amazing releases every week, good or bad, I don’t care. I’ll still play them. Thank you everyone for helping me along the way, it’s unreal what you’ve all done for me.

Have an amazing, classy week ladies and gents!

-(Hopefully!) Everyones favorite cat, Tomcat435 (AKA: Tom)

I’d like to ramble about something.

And of course, by ‘something’, its going to be about AQWorld’s recent release (Friday 1’st June).

Hello everyone, my name is Tomcat435,

Today, as stated above, I’m going to rant about the release. Now, it had its ups, it really did. But… for a grand finale, it was missing a number of things for it to be a grand finale. So, what exactly DID it miss? Heres what I* thought it missed;

*Please remember; all of this is my own personal opinion. You may disagree, you may agree, either way, you have no reason to agree.

First, the release was lacking monsters to fight. We had Zombie Alteon, Cysero, Alina, Zhoom, Warlic, Galanoth, Angry Zombies, Zombie dragons and finally Dark Sepulchure. Now I don’t have a huge problem with any of these monsters, only Alteon and Dark Sepulchure. Why? Well, the battle with Dark Sepulchure should have been like our fight with Vordred, we fought him in stages, and every stage he got weaker. But we could have had Sepulchure (normal state), to a weaker state, to a weaker state and finally to the Dark Sepulchure. Another thing I wanted to expect was Zombie Alteon being… stronger. Much stronger, heck, Zombie Warlic has more HP than him. This kinda confused me, because we were lead to believe King Alteon AND Sepulchure were supposed to be incredibly strong individuals, we don’t see that in Alteon, Zombie or not. Also, the promo poster to the finale was… misleading. We saw NO dracolich throughout the entire release, which was a bit upsetting, I wanted to see a dracolich with like… 50k HP, that would keep people busy, but, we saw no Artix being dragged from his ankle into the air from his own will. So, again, a little misleading.

Another thing I wanted to see… well… I kinda wanted to see the purified doom blade. I was hoping for that as a drop. I was also kinda hoping for a few other things, like Dark Sepulchure armor? Or… Maybe Sepulchures/Doom Blades spirit floating around as a pet. Just a thought.

Thats really all I thought needed improvements… I was kinda hoping for a bigger plot twist than Drakath interveening, I thought we should have seen Mirror Drakath or something, since Drakath messed with Time and Space and all… But thats just me.

Honestly, the release really was good. But I feel as thought it was… missing more than I’m listing here. I hope we get to see the purified Doom Blade in near future *cough now… cough*. ;)

Thanks for reading guys, have a nice weekend!

-Tomcat435 (AKA: Tom)

Restarting my world!

Hello everyone, my name is Tomcat435,

Today, I’d like to say I’ve officially restarted everything on here. I’ve removed pretty much everything that WAS on here. So, with that being said, I’m going to be more happier on here. :)

Everything before was more… depressing… slightly dull… Forget slightly, it was COMPLETELY dull! :)

So expect a few things today. :) Cya everyone!

- Tomcat435 (AKA: Tom)